Lot 131
Americas ยป Colombia
Price realised
2’200 CHF
2’000-3’000 CHF
Auction date
Fri 21 Oct 2016 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)
Colombia 1816 P F Popayan mint (Ag) 8 Reales (KM: 71). This is one of the rarest dates of this short series (1810-20) of portrait 8 Reales from Colombia. This coin has very light traces of lustre coming through the grey toning. The only problem this coin has is that on the reverse going from east to west there is a long light scratch traversing across the center of the coin and from north to south there is another very light hairline scratch that is barely visible, but nevertheless present, Rare.
Catalogue reference: VF Details with scratches