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Lot 510
Europe » Romania
Romania 1914 (Ag) PROOF Leu, Carol I (KM: 42) Matte silver grey.
Estimate: 200-240 CHF
Lot 511
Europe » Romania
Romania 1906 (Au) 50 Lei, Carl I (KM: 39) 40th Year of Reign anniversary issue. 28’000 pieces minted. Well struck, with some minor hairlines in the fields.
Estimate: 1’500-1’800 CHF
Lot 512
Europe » Romania
Romania 1922 (Au) 100 Lei, Ferdinand I (Fr-9, KM: X-M4) Coronation issue. This coin has good eye appeal and sufficient original mint lustre with a light…
Estimate: 4’500-6’000 CHF
Lot 513
Europe » Romania
Romania 1930 KN (Nickel-Brass) 5 Lei, Mihai I(KM: 48) Choice golden brass lustrous fields with some light gold tone. Struck at Kings Norton mint UK.
Estimate: 50-80 CHF
Lot 514
Europe » Romania
Romania 1930 (Nickel-Brass) 20 Lei, Mihai I (KM: 50) Choice and fully lustrous with a light gold tone.
Estimate: 60-80 CHF
Lot 515
Europe » Romania
Romania 1930 H (Nikel-Brass) 20 Lei, Mihai I (KM:50 ) Golden brass lustrous fields with some light gold tone and blue at the peripherals. Struck at the…
Estimate: 70-100 CHF
Lot 516
Europe » Romania
Romania 1946 (Ag) PATTERN 25000 Lei; Mihai I (KM: PnC283) Satin lustred charcoal grey fields. Scarce.
Estimate: 1’500-2’200 CHF