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Lot 128
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1630-35 CE (Au) Cob 2 Escudos Philip IV (KM: 4.6). Struck at the Cartagena mint. This coin displays a full cross and shield with good colour and…
Estimate: 1’200-1’600 CHF
Lot 129
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1659 NR R (Au) Cob 2 Escudos, Nuevo Reino mint; Philip IV (KM: 4.1) A nice full cross, mintmark and assayer are visible. Note: no price given…
Estimate: 750-1’000 CHF
Lot 130
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1814/3 P JF (Ag) 8 Reales, (KM:71) Ferdinand VII, Popayan mint. . All years of this series have low mintages and are scarce.
Estimate: 1’500-1’700 CHF
Lot 131
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1816 P F Popayan mint (Ag) 8 Reales (KM: 71). This is one of the rarest dates of this short series (1810-20) of portrait 8 Reales from Colombia….
Estimate: 2’000-3’000 CHF
Lot 132
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1802 NR JJ (Au) 8 Escudos, Carolus IIII, Nuevo Reino mint (KM: 62.1) This example displays subdued but pleasing mint lustre, well struck with…
Estimate: 1’300-1’800 CHF
Lot 133
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1808 P JF (Au) 8 Escudos, “Carolus IIII”, Popayan mint (KM: 62.2) This is a very attractive mint state and lustrous coin,with choice reflective…
Estimate: 2’000-2’500 CHF
Lot 134
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1821 BA JF (Ag) 1 Real “Cundinamarca” (KM: B9). Well struck with medium toning. Scarce.
Estimate: 500-600 CHF
Lot 135
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1839 (Ag) 1/4 Real “Bogota mint”. This is a superb well struck piece and one of the finest examples known.
Estimate: 180 – 220 CHF
Lot 136
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1845 (Ag) 1/4 Real “Bogota mint”, attractive darker toning over semi lustrous surfaces; a scarce date and rare in this condition.
Estimate: 300 – 400 CHF
Lot 137
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1835 BA RS (Ag) 8 Reales (KM: 89). This coin has pleasant pewter coloured toning and well struck details.
Estimate: 450-600 CHF
Lot 138
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1837 RS (Ag) 8 Reales (KM:92)”Bogota mint”. Nice silver grey toning with traces of lustre. Scarce in mint state.
Estimate: 1’200-1’700 CHF
Lot 139
Americas » Colombia
Colombia “Republic of Nueva Granada” 1846 RS (Ag) 8 Reales (KM: 98)”Bogota” mint. This coin has light underlying mint lustre and an overall pleasing appearance….
Estimate: 1’000-1’500 CHF
Lot 140
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1874 (Ag) 50 Centavos, Bogotá mint (KM:172.2) This coin was struck with crude dies but nevertheless a nice example for the coin. Nice champagne…
Estimate: 50-90 CHF
Lot 141
Americas » Colombia
Colombia 1870 (Au) 20 Pesos “Popayan mint” (KM: 129.2) Well defined features and nice attractive lustre with good eye appeal across the entire coin.
Estimate: 2’000-2’500 CHF