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Lot 323
Americas » Guatemala
Guatemala 1794 NG M (Ag) 2 Reales, Carolus IIII (KM: 51) A sharp well struck coin with good lustre and gentle peripheral toning to the legends on the reverse….
Estimate: 250-350 CHF
Lot 324
Americas » Guatemala
Guatemala 1809 NG M (Ag) 4 Reales, Ferdinand VII(KM: 63) Surfaces with light grey/ blue toning on the surfaces.
Estimate: 250-300 CHF
Lot 325
Americas » Guatemala
Guatemala 1785 NG M (Au) 8 Escudos, Carolus III (KM: 40) This is the RAREST date of a short four (4) year series and this is one of the finest known examples…
Estimate: 16’000-20’000 CHF
Lot 326
Americas » Guatemala
Guatemala 1817 NG M (Au) 8 Escudos, Ferdinand VII (KM: 71) All features are well struck and both surface display very nice old rose gold patina.
Estimate: 3’000-4’000 CHF
Lot 327
Americas » Guatemala
Guatemala 1869 R (Au) 20 Pesos, (KM: 194) (32.25 gr). Good mint lustre and nice appearance with the exception of some minor edge nicks. A one year type.
Estimate: 1’500-1’800 CHF
Lot 328
Americas » Guatemala
Guatemala 1925 (Ag) 1/2 Quetzal (KM: 241.1) Golden tone on blemish free fields, “With NOBLES” visible under the scroll variety.
Estimate: 150-180 CHF