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Lot 419
Americas » Jamaica
Jamaica 1758 (Ag) 1 (Shilling & 8 Pence) Floriate GR Monogram counter stamp on the host coin of a 2 Reales pillar type from Lima, Peru (KM: 4.5). Scarce…
Estimate: 400-450 CHF
Lot 420
Americas » Jamaica
Jamaica 1888 (Cu- Ni) 1/2 Penny, Queen Victoria (KM: 16) A choice coin with attractive sea blue and orange amber toning.
Estimate: 80-120 CHF
Lot 421
Americas » Jamaica
Jamaica 1910 (Cu- Ni) 1/4 Penny (Farthing) Edward VII (KM: 21) Choice with a nice lilac tone and a sharp strike. This is the key date in this short series.
Estimate: 60-80 CHF
Lot 422
Americas » Jamaica
Jamaica 1910 (Cu- Ni) Penny, Edward VII (KM: 23) This coin has gem blue, amber and olive iridescent toning with choice lustrous surfaces. RARE in this…
Estimate: 150-180 CHF