Lot 162 – Japan 1921 (Ae) Medallion “Crown Prince Hirohito Western Tour”

Lot 162 – Japan 1921 (Ae) Medallion “Crown Prince Hirohito Western Tour”
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Fri 19 Oct 2018 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)
1921 Medal (Ae), Taisho 1912-1926, year 10, March 3rd, 61mm, bronze medal by S. Nakano, depicting Crown Prince Hirohito (the later Emperor Showa) on the obverse with inscription above (roughly translating to “In Commemoration of the Overseas Expedition of HRH the Crown Prince”) reverse; battleship Katori with doves to either side, date above, superimposed over a globe design, Osaka Mint hallmark on edge, AU grade. In 1920 the Crown Prince Hirohito was promoted to the rank of Major in the army and Lieutenant Commander in the navy. In 1921, from March 3rd until September 3rd, Hirohito took a six-month tour of Europe aboard the battleship Katori, visiting the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. He was the first Japanese crown prince to travel abroad. After his return to Japan at the age of 20 he became Regent of Japan on November 25th, 1921, replacing his father who was suffering from mental illness. The Katori was the lead ship of the two pre-dreadnought battleships designed and built for the Empire of Japan by the British shipyard Vickers. The ship was disarmed and scrapped by 1925 in accordance with the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. This medal design also exists in silver. Strong bold strike with only the lightest of wear to the highest points.