Lot 240
Africa » Sudan
Price realised
5’800 CHF
4’000 – 6’000 CHF
Auction date
Sat 17 Oct 2020 at 13:30 (Europe/Zurich)

1881-85. Mohammed Ahmed (“The Mahdi”): (Au) 100 Kurush, Misr (Cairo) (KM-3): Mint but actually struck in the Sudan. Mint name and accession year 1255 with regnal year 2 of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Mejid. Rev. Toughra with olive branch below and denomination below. Scarce and the only gold coin issued by the Mahdi as he swept through the Sudan to besiege and take Khartoum and murder the famous British General Gordon in 1885. To pay his troops he copied an Egyptian 100 Qirsh that was minted 50 years earlier. The normal weight of the original 100 Qirsh piece is 8.5 gr whereas these Sudan pieces weigh a gram lighter with a strike that is a bit more crude. Very scarce.

7.5 gr

NGC Certification : 4769091-006/55

Catalogue reference: NGC AU 55