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India (British) 1835-1944 Lot of 66 X Silver Rupees (all different)

British India Lot of 66x Silver Rupees: 1835B (KM:450.1) AVF, 1835C (KM:450.3) AVF cleaned, 1835C GVF (KM:450.7) RS incuse, 1840 AVF, 1840 VF, 1862 AVF, 1876B Dot AVF, 1877 cleaned VF, 1878B Dot GVF some stains, 1879B Dot VF, 1880B Dot GVF light adj. marks, 1882B Dot AEF hairlines, 1884B raised EF, 1885B Raised AU lovely tone, 1885C incuse VF, 1886B VF, 1887B incuse & inverted B aEF, 1887C VF, 1888B Raised AVF, 1888C Incuse cleaned VF, 1889B GVF, 1889C AEF cleaned, 1890B GF die flaw, 1890C AVF, 1891B toned EF, 1891C AVF low mintage, 1892B VF, 1892C VF, 1893B AVF cleaned, 1900B VF+ cleaning, 1900C VF, 1901B VF, 1901C GVF, 1903B VF (x2) , 1903C toned EF, 1904B VF, 1905B toned AEF, 1905C lustrous AU, 1906B AEF cleaned, 1906C toned EF details with hairlines, 1907B cleaned GVF, 1908C toned AEF+, 1909C EF+ toned cleaned, 1911B cleaned EF, 1911C AEF hairline, 1912B lustrous AU, 1912C EF, 1913B toned EF, 1913C toned EF, 1914C AEF, 1916B AEF, 1916C AU small nick on face, 1917B GVF/AEF, 1917C EF, 1918B heavy toned EF with small rim nick reverse, 1918C AEF+, 1919B cleaned AEF+, 1919C AU planchet defect on face, 1921B AU planchet defect on obverse, 1922B AEF cleaned, 1938B with dot AEF, 1940B AU, 1941B AU, 1942B lightly toned AU, 1944L “large L” EF. Very scarce and collectible lot with a few rarities
Estimate 900 – 1300 CHF
Auction date Thu 20 Apr 2017 at 10:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Sold for CHF 1’000