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Lot 283
Europe » Austria
Austria 1914-Franz Joseph I bust atop AE Plaque with date 1914 divided by Royal Crest, Below is a StageCoach with driver and Bugle, Uni-Faced-120mm X70mm,…
Estimate: 40 – 65 CHF
Lot 284
Europe » Austria
Austria 1931 AE Plaque for Austrian Armed Forces Military Competition 5 Infantry soldiers with Heavy Machine gun on Horseback in woodland, Text Below reads…
Estimate: 50 – 60 CHF
Lot 285
Europe » Austria
Silver 1790 1 Gulden/ Florin (First of type) Insurrection issue (KM: 48) toned good very fine to almost extremely fine with some adjustments marks and…
Estimate: 130 – 150 CHF
Lot 286
Europe » Austria
Austria-Hungary AE Plaque for Carolus IV 1916-1918 75mm x 55mm, weighs 138 grammes, designer: H.Kautsch, nice Good extremely fine grade and very scarce.
Estimate: 60 – 90 CHF
Lot 287
Europe » Austria
In 1957 she was a research scientist at ICECHIM (National Institute for Chemical Research). In the early 1960s she was reported to be secretary of the…
Estimate: 45 – 60 CHF
Lot 288
Europe » Austria
Austria Salzburg 1910-1925 Ae/Pb Medallion Plaque; Salburg Automobile club, race up the Gaisbergspitze to 1280mtrs, uni-faced bronze on lead plaque with…
Estimate: 55 – 65 CHF