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USA 1837 Ni Feuchtwanger 1 Cent

USA 1837 1 Cent, VF and thus scarce and much sort coin Feuchtwanger Cents are considered similar to a pattern coin, as they circulated in the late 1830s. They were a substitute for Large Copper Cents. Dr. Feuchtwanger made them out of German Silver (which is nickel, copper, zinc and Silver). Found on page 404 of the 2014 Guide Book. Obverse depicts Feuchtwanger’s favored motif – a eagle with serpent in talons. Reverse states “ONE CENT” surrounded by wreath, further surrounded by “Feuchtwanger’s / Composition” Dr. Lewis Feuchtwanger was a New York City chemist and metallurgist who petitioned Congress to adopt his German Silver cents to replace the U.S. copper cents, and was backed by Senator Benton, but was rejected by Mint Director Patterson. Widely collected with Large Cent coins and are a great piece of historical Americana.
Estimate 100 – 120 CHF
Auction date Fri 15 Nov 2019 at 15:00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Prices realised to be published