What we do at Numisor SA


We hold regular online auctions and floor auctions proposing an extensive range of Numismatic items, Rarities and Bullion coins. If you can not find what you are looking for, please email us and we will endeavour to fulfil any wish lists.

Estimation & expertise

Our experts in Geneva will estimate the value of your collection, no matter how extensive, and suggest the best method for its disposal, we can offer auction, direct sale or placement with the right person, please email or call to discuss your options.


We are always looking for consignments of nice quality, rare or interesting items for our future auctions, our experts will determine an estimation which will be agreed with yourself and then we will sell the items for you.

Old Money versus New Crypto Currency

The latest investment trend in the techno world seems to be with crypto currencies. We have seen the incredible rise of the value of Bitcoins, and then the influx of many more crypto currencies via pre-hyped ICO offerings (Initial Coin Offer) which appear to be little more than an attempt by start-ups to raise capital […]

Numisor SA Auction 9 Online

Our latest auction takes place online this Thursday 16th February and with over 700 lots to view there is something for everyone. Please submit pre bids at www.numisor.ch and through our partners Sixbid & NumisBids before 9am on the day of the sale, good luck to all who take part.