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Old Money versus New Crypto Currency

The latest investment trend in the techno world seems to be with crypto currencies. We have seen the incredible rise of the value of Bitcoins, and then the influx of many more crypto currencies via pre-hyped ICO offerings (Initial Coin Offer) which appear to be little more than an attempt by start-ups to raise capital […]

New Record Price for Indian Coin

We are proud to announce that at our first online auction (held on September 29th) lot number 262, India 1875C ½ Anna recorded a new record price of CHF 4237 . We invite you to discover all the prices realised of the First Online Auction. This price prouves that the company can offer your items to the most […]

Numisor and David Feldman announce a new partnership

Numisor SA and David Feldman SA announce a new partnership to hold joint Numismatic auctions in Geneva, Switzerland We are very happy to announce that Numisor SA will be working with Geneva-based Stamp auction house, David Feldman SA. David Feldman has established itself as one of the world’s leading stamps auction houses for almost 50 years. They […]