The following are articles I have gathered from searching the web for anything that has an interest in regards to numismatics or investments, although I always use the term investments loosely due to the volatile nature of the markets, however, if I had a penny for every time I have said “if only I knew what I know now!!”  The thoughts expressed are those of the editors, and not particularly mine, but I thought I would share these items of interest with you all.

Central Bank Intervention Not Sustainable

Why prices rise and fall by nature, and what happens when Central Banks and Governments act to “manage” prices for the benefit of their clients, whether political or corporate ones. Gold & Silver. You now KNOW what must eventually happen.

Most of the World’s Banks are Heading for Collapse (or Central Bank/Gov’t Absorption)

Don’t get caught in it. Save in Gold. Not a matter of short term trading price, it is a matter of insurance, savings and asset security.

Do the Banksters & Politicians Love or Hate Your Assets ?

….that will determine how they have performed of late. when will this change ? for one, when the fiat debt currency system implodes at the point of unsustainability and/or they switch sides catching the sheeple massed on the wrong side. it won’t happen as a result of rebellion because the populace has been dumbed down.

BPR April: Precious Metals Suppression In COMEX Market Continues

Suppression scheme will end when one or more of these inevitables occur

  • The short side is milked to the max, public is generally out of metals, speculators have joined the banksters on the short side, and then the banksters covertly switch sides
  • The fiat debt monetary system reaches its day of reckoning. this might be triggered by flight from holding public debt, capital then moving into physical assets.
  • A major country or group thereof responds to financial & political warfare by backing their currency with gold.
  • Cooperating banksters & governments turn on each other in a stampede unrepairable and not seen to date
  • Physical paper longs demand delivery beyond what can be delivered, resulting in a default of paper shorts on the commodity exchanges

Opportunity Cost and Inflation Expectations

These are the real factors that drive the gold price trends according to this article, one taking a bit different perspective than those focusing on the big picture of politics, banking, and currency wars.

Gold Comments by David Levenstein