“For UK gold investors, the sharply weakening currency is proving a fantastic win for them; gold commenced 2016 at GBP 725.02 per ounce and today was trading at £907.64, netting investors a healthy gain of 25.2 pct in just 5 months. In short, gold provides an easy escape from a declining local currency.

Whilst Sharps Pixley has never advocated taking a short term gold position for tactical wins, for the discerning investor with a long term strategic view, it authenticates the case for owning physical gold and for what it does best – and that is as a long term store of value and an effective means of wealth preservation. “ (Ross Norman  CEO Sharps Pixley, London)

An interesting take on the reasoning behind recent surges in the Gold prices, and one I concur with, as basically over time the two most popular and lucrative long term investments have proved to be Gold and Bricks & mortar, with all the uncertainty about the Brexit referendum, the troubles all over Europe with extremist violence threats and spiralling First World Debt, the one thing that you may find solace in is shiny yellow metal……..Gold…………..