These articles all suggest Gold should rally in price again possibly to the former heady heights of $2000 per ounce levels. Personally, I see Gold doing well over the next 5 years, as the South African Mponeng Deep mine has found its last seam of gold at almost 3 miles beneath the Earths surface, and with a value of around $6 billion at todays prices (140 tons), then the end of Gold production at this monumental mine as bound to cause concern for future reserves, this along with the future uncertainty of the current economic climate within the eurozone countries, and Greece’s possible departure from the EU, I think investors will turn to the safety of gold once again, thus pushing demand and prices up. For the near future, the gold will probably remain in the doldrums languishing around the $1100 per ounce level. Business for us is very brisk, so whatever the price at the moment, there is not much affect on the collector.

Gold will have its day again

Willing to doom the longterm health of economies & currencies in order to buy time to steal assets and power on behalf of their clients and selves.
Suppressing gold for as long as possible is an important part of such strategy.

Arkadiusz Sieron concludes that gold investors should view and treat gold as an asset, not as a commodity. He contends that trend analysts make many errors when utilizing demand and consumption statistics that are really followers, not drivers of the gold price…..or relatively irrelevant.

Gold as essential Insurance for now – for appreciation later